freyley (freyley) wrote,

Barack Obama

While I'm ignoring Rick Warren, I would like to repeat the question Robin Hanson asked: "what does Obama have to do for you to consider him a "good" president, or even better than Bush? It is enough for you that he is (part) black and a Democrat?" What would he have to do to be a good President? What would he have to do to be a great President?

I think any of the following are big enough things to be better than just a caretaker:

  • Carbon tax, or effective equivalent

  • Significant moves toward a local, nonchemical food system

  • Providing enough resources to an investigation of the Bush administration

  • I can go to a doctor without worrying about who's accepted where and for how much

  • An effective model for free trade that requires other countries to live up to our standards

  • An end to some part of the drug war

  • Serious funding for renewable energy and a commitment to it

  • New, strong environmental protections that bother current extraction industries

  • Policies that effectively discourage sprawl and encourage urbanization

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