freyley (freyley) wrote,

The Time Traveler's Wife

Having just read/skimmed far too many reviews to link to (check Rotten Tomatoes if you need a bunch), my sense is that the movie is probably bad. Most of the reviewers prejudged the book as romance/chick-lit, and then viewed the movie as the same, badly done. Many of the male reviewers see the movie as a chance for women to complain about absent men (bringing your home to work, much?), are surprised that Clare doesn't distrust everything Henry does when time traveling, or are deeply creeped out by the 36-year-old Henry naked in the bushes visiting 6-year-old Clare. The only major review from someone who liked the book, the LA Times review agrees that it doesn't live up to the book's potential.

I've rarely experienced the cognitive dissonance of adoring a book that's so snarkily panned by the intelligentsia. How sad for Ms. Niffenegger to have succeeded so amazingly and to have been derided so easily.
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