freyley (freyley) wrote,

I want a church

I'd like a church (the building). Maybe titled "The Best of Humans." For the following:

1. place to go sometimes to listen and talk about how difficult people are, and how to interact with them;
2. a place to go during the week to run into that set of people, sit around, read books from the library, play games, etc.

This comes from a number of things. I've never had a coffeeshop that I really liked -- the money aspect of it always felt too central. I really like reading LessWrong and Overcoming Bias, but I strongly dislike most of the comment threads. Martin and I talked, at one point, about an x-rationality (rationality reinvented) user group, but I can predict the kind of person who'd show up to that group, and I really don't want to go. I don't want to find a new place for the uberpedantic -- I want to talk about how hard it is to be a good human, and how to do it better with empathy, and without deep pedantry or religion. And I want a community space that encourages me to run into the other people who feel this way. I want Joss Whedon to feel comfortable there.

Here are the links that are relevant:

Secular groups should learn from religious ones
Atheistic humanist groups suck, and here's why.
aa video of Joss Whedon talking about humanism and being hilarious.
for your pleasure, Discovery loves the world (video).

But no, I don't want the Quakers, or the UUs. Too much Bible. Too much God. Too much attempting to be religion-lite and not trying to be atheism++.
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